Why You Need A Life Board of Directors

What is a Life Board of Directors?

There is a lot that goes into managing a career. One invaluable tool that can make all the difference is having a Life Board of Directors. This board should be made up of people who can give you honest, blunt feedback and seasoned advice on all aspects of life. Look at it as a round table of experts you can glean from. Surrounding yourself with a network like this can be a crucial part of your growth as a professional.

Why you need one


Having only one mentor isn’t bad, but consulting with a group of mentors is more effective. Instead of learning from one person and their experiences, you are learning from the expertise of multiple people. The outcome is the ability to make informed decisions. This sphere of influence fosters growth and improvement, setting you up for success.

Who to put on your board

When it comes to choosing people to be on your life board, look for a variety of expertise and experience. Depending on your career path, find colleagues, clients, industry peers, supervisors, and so on. Find people who have more experience than you and have the skills you’re still needing to develop. You can also choose people you don’t know personally, but you are studying their practices or career moves. Maybe you read their books, listen to their speeches, or follow them on social media. You also need to make sure the members you pick can contribute in different ways and they’re not just a fan club singing your praises.

Don’t choose people that will only tell you what you want to hear. Make sure you’re including those who will shoot straight with you. Hearing about your weaknesses and deficiencies from someone can be uncomfortable, but the insight is very valuable. It can be a hard pill to swallow, but the best employees swallow that pill whole, digest it, and learn from it.

You also need to know that not everyone will have the “right” answer for you. Sometimes you may get conflicting advice from experts in the same field. Don’t forget to listen to your own voice too. It’s within that conflicting advice that you can find the right answer for you. Ultimately, you make the decision.

How to run your board

There are no set rules for running your board. It can be formal or informal, but it shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. Remember, you’re asking those in your sphere of influence for a favor that will benefit you, but will most likely take up their time. Be courteous and learn what you can. Intentionally and dutifully follow the mentorship of those leaders, and be generous if you have the chance to offer your own expertise on something.

Use the feedback you gain to become a better leader and a better follower. Focus on boosting your performance, and keep track of your accomplishments. Let the combination of all that energy, knowledge, chutzpah and drive, lead you to your passion and the greatest opportunities of your life.


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