The Future is People-Focused

With the pandemic mostly behind us, companies are shifting focus and being more intentional about how they move into the future. 2022 workplace trends are shaping up to be more people-centered in approach, and companies who don’t make this shift a priority will feel the negative effects later on. 

Expanding on skills instead of roles

People want to feel that the experience they are gaining at work is valuable outside of specific roles they fill. In this same vein, the answer to a company’s problem may already be in-house. If companies can look at employee’s other skills besides the tasks they accomplish in their roles, more win-win solutions will be possible. An article in Forbes suggests that companies consider their worker’s points of view. The article states, “From the worker’s point of view, focusing on developing their skills, rather than further developing their abilities to carry out their role, leaves them better positioned to capitalize on new career opportunities. This shift in focus from roles to skills is likely to be a key trend for both organizations and workers during 2022.” A recent report for Korn Ferry says that 74 percent of professionals believe employee turnover will continue to increase in the coming year. The report suggests that companies solve the shortage from the inside out and expound on the skills they have available to them. “Facing a talent shortage means organizations will start to focus more on internal mobility, reskilling and upskilling existing employees to prevent attrition and fill niche roles.”

Another article from Korn Ferry emphasizes this same point and encourages employers to use whatever means they have, including the latest technology available, to make this shift. “Technology also plays a key role in strategic talent acquisition by comparing candidates’ skills to those of peers or other companies. Equipped with this information, your team can make more highly informed decisions about whether to build out or hire the talent you need,” the article says. “Today’s organizations are under increasing pressure to upskill and reskill in response to business change. Skills like adaptability, empathy and collaboration are in high demand — and with tools like Success Profiles, your talent acquisition team can better predict what skills will help deliver on your business strategy, identify gaps in the workforce, and create a plan to secure the right talent.”

People-centered approaches throughout the hiring process and beyond

A recent report from Korn Ferry says that a candidate’s experience is everything. The report also says that 75 percent of candidates say it’s unlikely they would accept a position if they experienced poor treatment during the interview process. The report suggests employers make sure they’re providing quality care from the get-go. In another article, Korn Ferry provides a list of questions for companies to ask themselves about their hiring process.”Ask a few key questions to determine whether your hiring process is aligned with a people-first approach:

  • Has every stage of the candidate journey been designed with the candidate in mind?
  • Where could you make the talent acquisition process simpler?
  • How can the talent acquisition process be faster and fairer? More engaging and intuitive?”

 The same report referenced above advises companies to also explore all areas that could use a people-centered makeover. “To offset the negative impact of the pandemic on engagement and performance, organizations need to put employee wellbeing center stage and monitor and nurture it more seriously than ever,” the report says.”Organizations that are leading the way in employee wellbeing embed it in all aspects of their people strategy. Research shows that this has a positive impact on retention, absenteeism levels, productivity, and overall satisfaction.”
Companies should use all tools and insights available to them to evaluate and prepare to lead their teams into 2022.


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