Is your team starting to feel burned out? Here are some tips to avoid it.

According to a survey from Blind, an online community where professionals worldwide anonymously share advice, feedback and information, 73 percent of working professionals are burned out. Blind polled nearly 7,000 people nationwide, and of the professionals that participated in the survey, and while the ones feeling it the most were in marketing and communications, the burnout has been felt across the board. Some of the reasons indicated were no separation between work and life, unmanageable workload, and job security concerns. 

The pandemic not only magnified some job stressors, it also created new ones. Leaders looking to help their teams avoid burnout and stay healthy can consider the following tips.

Keep work and personal life separate

Clever Punch Co., a marketing team in Santa Barbara, California, covered the topic of burnout in a recent blog post. One of the ways they’re keeping their team productive and healthy is being mindful of work-life balance.  “We provide work phones for all account managers so they can keep work and personal life separate. Once the day is over, the phone gets turned off, and texts, emails, and phone calls are not allowed to be answered outside of work hours,” the blog post states. “The only time we work after hours is if we’ve made a mistake that needs fixing or if a rare emergency occurs outside our client’s control.” 

Encourage team building and focus on company culture

Jaspar Weir, Co-Founder and President of TaskUs, the leading provider of outsourced back office and customer care to emerging brands, wrote in a Forbes article about burnout that their company not only considers the design of the office space to help foster creativity, they also encourage their team to have fun. “Laughter is truly the best medicine. It is important to work hard, but also to have fun, creating an environment where people can work and play together,” Weir says. “My company organizes both fun activities and sports teams to build camaraderie, as well as encourage employees to reduce their stress levels and live a healthier lifestyle.” Clever Punch also fosters team building by eating lunch together once a month. 

Provide mental health resources

Blake Morgan, a senior contributor at Forbes, writes in a recent article that companies have the responsibility to assist their employees. One of the ways she suggests is by providing resources to address mental health concerns. “Breaking the stigma about mental health is crucial to fighting burnout,” Morgan says. “AT&T offers mental health assistance to employees through text, email or phone. Unilever offers in-person meditation and mindfulness workshops and mental health training for managers. Chevron makes self-guided resilience resources available to all employees, and TIAA offers monthly mental health challenges to all employees.”

Encourage a break from the screen
Many jobs come with a lot of time spent in front of a computer or phone screen, so encourage them to take breaks from the screen, even during personal time. The first tip on Clever Punch’s list for avoiding burnout is setting a timer for how much time is spent on social media. “We’ve all been there, down the rabbit hole of social media, not realizing just how much time we’ve spent scrolling,” the blog post states. “Social media may be ‘always-on,’ but that doesn’t mean we should be! Being one of the most addictive mediums, we must put healthy boundaries on our social media time.”


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