Getting a handle on your work-life balance

Work-life balance is one of the most talked about topics, but even with all the chatter, working professionals still struggle with implementing balance to their life and career. It’s not always easy. I know having that healthy work-life balance can be a hard task to keep up with, especially when you ‘re managing a thriving career while staying on the top of your competition.

When you have a healthy work-life balance in place it won’t seem impossible to maximize your career success because you’ll know what matters to you. You’ll know what success looks like. You’re not going to constantly struggle to attain an abstract vision of success, meaning that you won’t be defined by someone else’s vision of success.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be subscribing to someone else’s vision of work-life balance, instead think about what a true work-life balance really means to you. What do you feel like when you feel most balanced? Do you feel energized? At peace? Mindful? Rested? etc. Then ask yourself, “When does my work-life balance get out of whack?” Is it when you’ve said “yes” to too many things when you should have said “no”?

It all comes down to your values, your priorities and your goals. When you honor your values, when you know what’s most important to you, and when you know what your goals are, then you are in a much better place to keep up a healthy work-life. You know what to agree to and what to decline, which can go a long way in helping you feel balanced in your work-life and personal life. 

I have more to say about work-life balance in these short videos. Check them out and get inspired!

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