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Getting a handle on your work-life balance

Work-life balance is one of most talked about topics, but even with all the chatter, working professionals still struggle with implementing balance to their life and career. It’s not easy finding your “happy place” when getting your work-life balance in order. I know that having a healthy work-life balance can be a hard task to keep up with, especially when you ‘re managing a thriving career while staying on the top of your competition.

When you have a healthy work-life balance in place it won’t seem impossible to maximize your career success because you’ll know what matters to you. You’ll know what success looks like. You’re not going to constantly struggle to attain an abstract vision of success (meaning that you won’t be defined by someone else’s vision of success).

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How do you balance your Junkyard Dog and your Pedigree?

The power of balance is something that’s not easily mastered, it doesn’t matter what you’re trying to balance in life, it can be hard to get everything together all at once. For years, I grappled with how to balance my junkyard dog with my pedigree, but after some time, I’ve come to the conclusion that balancing my junkyard dog with my pedigree would take some skills, especially if I ever wanted to succeed in my career.

I quickly learned that balancing my pedigree didn’t mean that I had to “change who I was,”  but it helped me make the good things in me better. Instead of me always being defensive, I learned how to listen. Also, I learned how to understand issues and when to bring them up, and I learned how to balance passion and emotion.

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